How can plastisol transfers help your t-shirt business?

T-shirts are one of the most comfortable and versatile outfits that can be used in several ways to create various looks for various occasions. Especially graphic tees have become a wardrobe essential with their ability to help the wearer express themselves through different print designs. Basic tees, on the other hand, have the potential to be paired with different garments to enhance a look. They can also be customized for various occasions using graphic transfers. Through the years, many printing techniques have been developed to print different kinds of graphics on t-shirts. If you own a t-shirt business, you may already be aware of most of these techniques. Graphic t-shirt business owners are always looking for different print techniques and bulk graphic tees suppliers that can make their collections look different. Plastisol transfers have gained popularity in recent years, as it is very simple to apply and is cost-effective too.

What are plastisol transfers?

So what exactly are plastisol transfers? Before we go further, let's first understand the meaning of 'plastisol transfers'. They are screen-printed designs that are printed on special heat transfer paper and the design from the heat transfer paper can be printed onto the garments by heat pressing.

Advantages of plastisol transfers

Compared to other printing techniques, plastisol transfers are easier to work. Let's look at all the advantages of plastisol transfers in the t-shirt business.

1. Have a clean work area

If you plan to buy blank t-shirts wholesale and plastisol transfers separately and print them yourself or customize them based on your customer's needs, then you would need to allocate a special work area for the printing process. If you have tried screen printing, you would have realized how messy the process can get and it takes a great amount of effort to clean it. With plastisol transfers, you would require only a heat-pressing machine and a table. It is as simple as that. Thus you can keep the work area clean.

2. Less workload

Screen printing requires more work area, more precision, and in general more effort and time. As we have already mentioned, the process of printing using plastisol transfers is extremely simple as compared to printing using the screen-printing technique. They do not consume time or effort. The work area required is minimal and anybody can do it. So if you are planning to offer customized graphic tees to your customers, using plastisol transfers would be a good idea as compared to screen printing and other similar printing techniques. You can buy plastisol transfers in bulk and wholesale tees from good bulk t-shirt suppliers. Then use them based on your customer's requirements.

3. Cost-effective

When using the screen-printing technique, you would require a lot of time and effort to make the different screens according to the design and also print them on the fabric. Screen printing is a little more costly as it requires specialized screen printers to execute the work. It is also extremely time-consuming as compared to printing with plastisol transfers. If a design doesn't sell well, all the screens go completely wasted. This is not the case with plastisol transfers. When using plastisol transfers, since it is easier to work with and as it is more cost-efficient, there is more room for experimentation. You can try various designs in different colors and styles to achieve variety in your collection.
Especially, if you buy plastisol transfers in bulk, it can be beneficial. You can get them at reduced or discounted prices. This can save cost. You can create a more fun and interesting collection for your t-shirt business which can help you attract more customers. Purchasing plastisol transfers in bulk for your business can be a good investment.

Next, we will look at how to use them to help boost your business.

How can your t-shirt business benefit from plastisol transfers?

As a t-shirt business owner, you may be wondering if you can enhance your business by using plastisol transfers. Yes, you can! It entirely depends on the way you would like to use them or the way you want to market your tees.

1. Customized graphic tees

You may want to sell customized graphic tees. In this case, you can buy wholesale t-shirts or wholesale blank tees and plastisol transfers in bulk separately. Then allow your customer to mix and match the tee and design to get a custom-printed t-shirt.

2. Sell as is

You can also buy wholesale plastisol transfers and sell them as is to other companies who are into customization or to individual buyers who wish to print designs onto their existing t-shirts by themselves. As it is extremely easy to apply, plastisol transfers are being bought by many customers who wish to create graphic tees for their personal use. Your brand could target such customers. In such a scenario, it would be advisable to buy wholesale plastisol transfers from reputed companies and sell them as single designs to individual customers for their personal use.

How can Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale help?

While looking to buy plastisol transfers in bulk, it is always better to choose a reliable and trustworthy supplier who can provide unique designs, offer reasonable prices for bulk orders, and value their relationship with their clients. Finding wholesale t-shirt design companies or good wholesale plastisol transfer suppliers can be challenging. However, with time and effort, you can find good suppliers who meet your requirements.

Are you looking to buy plastisol transfers in bulk with interesting designs? Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale is a family-owned business that offers a variety of plastisol transfers. These are easy to use. We make new designs often, due to which we can offer a large variety of designs for you to choose from.
Apart from graphic transfers, we also have a huge collection of graphic tees and blanks. We source all our tees from brands that use ethical productional practices as our company believes in those same values. We also guarantee that our products are 100% cruelty-free. If you wish to purchase wholesale t-shirts or bulk graphic tees from us, we require you to fill out a wholesale application to create your account. Using this account you can check out our entire collection and choose from a wide range of high-quality wholesale graphic t-shirts, blank t-shirts, graphic transfers, etc. for different age groups- adults, youth, and more.

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3 things to keep in mind when buying wholesale t-shirts for your business

Due to their versatility, t-shirts are one of the most common outfits that we can find in our wardrobes. Tees, with or without graphics, based on the kind of occasion, can be paired with anything. Due to this, tees never go out of fashion. They simply keep changing according to the season. A t-shirt business is one of the most profitable businesses out there. However, if you are planning to start a new t-shirt business, you need to buy the best wholesale t-shirts that can help you make your business a success. Here are 3 major aspects to keep in mind when buying wholesale tees for your t-shirt business.

Brand yourself uniquely

Why do some brands work out better than their competitors? It could be their marketing strategy, their story, the quality of products, or simply everything put together. No one said building a brand that is different from its competitors is going to be easy. However, if you wish to stand out from your competitors, learn to brand your business uniquely.
Start with creating a brand story. What do you wish to sell? Make sure your story is different and your storytelling attracts your target customers. Create a color palette based on your story and also based on the season. Check out some big brands that inspire you and try to create a theme for your brand. When your customers look at your collection, they should be able to immediately relate to your brand and your products. This will help to build your reputation and slowly pave your path to becoming a big brand.
When buying bulk t-shirts for your brand, you need to make sure every t-shirt is based on your brand and your color palette. All your bulk tees should be able to showcase your brand.

Know the fashion trends when buying wholesale t-shirts

It is hard to keep up with the current fashion trends. However, it is crucial for a t-shirt business owner to know all the trends and also know which trends will work with their customers. Nowadays, various websites can help you gain more knowledge regarding current and upcoming fashion trends. Below are a few things that you need to research and know about before buying bulk t-shirts or wholesale graphic tees for your business.

1. Buy wholesale t-shirt styles that are in trend

There are many styles of tees that are available. For example, there are basic tees, tie-dye tees, etc. There are also various neck styles such as crew neck, v-neck, and so on. You can also choose from different sleeve styles such as full sleeves, half sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, or sleeveless. Try choosing the right combination of styles based on the current season and upcoming trends. The trending styles of t-shirts in your collection can help you attract more customers.

2. Colors that would work

Always have an updated color palette. Choose tees with interesting colors that would work well for the current season and your potential customers. Make sure to do thorough research on the color trends and pick a few colors that would work well for your brand.

3. Graphics that would attract customers

Having blank tees in various colors in your collection is definitely an asset as they can be sold as is or even customized. However, having graphic tees based on the likes of your target customers can set your collection apart. Try to learn more about the current graphic trends and choose graphics that would suit the trends and also your brand story. You can also have bulk blank tees and trending graphic design transfers in your inventory, and customize the tees with graphics based on your client's needs.

Go for a reliable supplier when buying wholesale t-shirts

Picking the right wholesale t-shirt design company or bulk t-shirt supplier for your tee business is extremely important. Taking time to find a reliable supplier can be a foundation step for building a successful business. Initially, it may be a bit of a challenge and it may even be a tiresome task to get the right kind of supplier who is trustworthy, who provides you with the best quality, and who meets your other requirements. However, with the below tips, you can find a good, reliable bulk t-shirt supplier-

1. They should understand your brand

Try to find a wholesale t-shirt maker who takes time and effort to understand your brand story, your color story, and your requirements.

2. They should provide good quality and fit

Quality and fit are crucial in the t-shirt business as no customer is going to purchase ill-fitting, bad-quality tees. An experienced wholesale t-shirt supplier will provide you with good quality tees that will help you gain more customers. Even if you sell basic tees with excellent quality, your business can be profitable.

3. They must be within your budget

As a business owner, you may have a certain budget. Ensure to stay within your budget when you look for a bulk tee supplier. Good wholesale t-shirt suppliers provide quality tees for reasonable prices and offer good discounts when buying tees in bulk.

Reputed bulk t-shirt suppliers are known for their consistency in the quality of tees. It is always better to go for a reputed wholesale t-shirt maker who is supplying tees for big brands and your competitors, as reputed suppliers are more trustworthy. Always ensure that your supplier provides quality t-shirts in bulk.

With the above tips, you can buy unique t-shirts based on your company's story within your budget for your brand from the right wholesale t-shirt suppliers and make your business profitable.

At Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale, we offer different kinds of tees- blank tees, graphic tees, and also graphic transfers for adults, youth, etc. We source all our tees from brands that use ethical productional practices as our company believes in those same values. We also guarantee that our products are 100% cruelty-free. Check out our collection and choose from a wide range of tees that we have to offer.  

If you are looking to purchase high-quality t-shirts wholesale or bulk graphic tees, we require you to fill out a wholesale application to create an account, using which you can browse through our vast collection of t-shirts and place your order.

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How to find the right wholesale t-shirt supplier?

For any kind of business finding a good wholesale supplier is essential. If you are planning to start your brand or if you are planning to resell t-shirts, you need to put a lot of time and effort into your research work. To start your t-shirt business, the first step is to find the right wholesale tee supplier who can give you the best quality products for your budget and your requirements. We will discuss the importance of finding a good wholesale tee supplier and also provide you with some amazing tips on how you can find one for your brand.

Why is it important to find a good wholesale t-shirt supplier?

Managing a business and making it a success is a challenging task that requires a lot of hard work, perseverance, and the right tactics. You may be planning to start your label or you may be planning to buy bulk tees and resell them, or you may want to do both. For either of the ideas to be a success, you need to find a good bulk t-shirt supplier who can provide you with quality wholesale t-shirts that are based on your brand story and colors. Having the right kind of tees in your collection from a good wholesale t-shirt maker can help you kickstart your business confidently and can also help to make it profitable.

Tips to finding the right wholesale t-shirt supplier

It is going to be a time-consuming and tedious task. However, finding the right wholesale t-shirt design company is crucial for the success of your business. Here are tips to find the right wholesale tee supplier-

1. Find a supplier who understands your needs

Your needs are your priority. If you plan to start your brand or label, you would have a story and a color palette that would give your brand an edge. In such a scenario, you need to find a supplier who completely understands your story. They should supply quality t-shirts in bulk based on it. For example, you may require bulk graphic tees based on a theme for your collection. Your supplier must be able to provide you with unique wholesale graphic tees of good quality based on this. If you are planning to resell graphic tees or blank tees, a good supplier should have unique designs and colors to pick from.

Are you looking for wholesale graphic tees or blank tees for your business? At Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale, we have a wide range of blank and graphic tees that you can choose from. All the graphic designs are made and pressed onto the t-shirts by ourselves in-house. We make new designs very often. This allows you to choose from a variety of designs. You will also be able to add new designs to your collection to keep it interesting.

2. Ensure the quality of tees is good

No customer is going to go for a bad-quality t-shirt even if the design is exceptionally good. Quality is of utmost importance in the t-shirt business. Always try to find wholesale t-shirt suppliers or bulk graphic t-shirt suppliers who can provide high-quality t-shirts wholesale. Before starting a t-shirt business, it is advisable to learn more about the various fabric qualities and contents. This will help you make informed decisions when choosing the fabrics and eventually the suppliers.
For a t-shirt business, you would be buying various kinds of tees in bulk. In the process, you wouldn't want t-shirts of low quality. Always inspect all the bulk tees that you receive from your supplier in batches to ensure that your wholesale t-shirt supplier will be good in the long run. No compromises should be made on the quality of the t-shirts that you provide your customers. Having good quality tees can even help your brand stand out from your competitors and build your reputation.

3. Keep within the budget

According to the kind of business and the size of your company, figure out how much you would want to allocate for the purchase of the bulk tees. It may be easy to go overboard, step out of your budget and buy expensive t-shirts for your collection. However, eventually, you will be facing more losses. If you wish to make your venture a success, have a budget in mind. Make sure not to overstep the budget while ensuring that the quality is good. It is going to be a challenging task. However, it is not impossible. Make sure to purchase good-quality bulk tees within your estimated budget.

4. Go for reputed suppliers

Why do we always tend to buy from a popular brand with a good reputation? Because we trust their quality and we won't have to bother about the product being defective, etc. after the purchase. This is a reason why most consumers go for reputed brands. A company that is reputed provides a sense of trust and assurance in our minds. However, finding a reputed wholesale t-shirt supplier who can provide you bulk t-shirts or bulk graphic tees within your price may not be that easy.

The easiest way to find reputed bulk tee suppliers is by checking the suppliers of your competitors and the bulk tee suppliers of popular brands that have a similar collection. With a little research, you can find a reputed wholesale t-shirt supplier who can provide the best wholesale t-shirts with good quality. A reliable and trustworthy wholesale t-shirt supplier can eventually help to enhance your business and make it more profitable.

Are you looking for a good wholesale t-shirt supplier who can provide quality tees for your t-shirt business? Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky wholesale is a family-owned small business and we specialize in graphic tees and transfers. All t-shirts offered by us are sourced from brands that use ethical productional practices. Visit our website to learn more about us.

If you wish to purchase wholesale t-shirts for your t-shirt business you can fill out a wholesale application and easily create an account. Using this account, you can browse our various collections and place your order based on your needs.

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6 ways to make your graphic t-shirt business a success

T-shirt business owners are constantly finding new ways to enhance their business and make it a profitable venture. While having blank tees in your inventory is always a good idea, having graphic tees in your t-shirt collection will definitely make your collection stand out. Graphic tees with unique designs have the potential to make your collection look different from your competitors. Nowadays, due to the increasing demand for graphic tees, many big brands sell them. In the competitive market, it can be a challenge for new business owners to build a brand name. If you are a new business owner or if you are struggling to make your business a success, here are 6 tips that can help you-

Know your target customers

Before starting a business, always know your target customers. Do proper research and conduct surveys to help you gain as much knowledge as possible about your target group. You need to know the target age, demographics, lifestyle, etc. You should also know their likes and their dislikes. With this information, you can be more focused on the kind of group you would like to target and in the process create a more effective inventory that can help you gain more profit in your business.

Have a niche

Have you noticed that the best and the most popular brands always have a story that defines their brand and their entire collection works around their brand story? This is what sets them apart from their competitors. Make your brand like no other. Create a story for your brand and choose colors that will define your brand. Your story should be based on your target group. Choose a theme that will make your products different than your competitors. There should be no comparison concerning the designs, quality, style, etc. Try to make your brand a trendsetter rather than just a trend follower.

Get a reliable and trustworthy wholesale graphic t-shirt supplier

Once you have decided upon your brand story and the kind of customers you would like to target, the next step is to find the right wholesale graphic tee supplier who can meet your demands. This can be extra challenging especially if you are a new business owner with no prior experience. While choosing a bulk tee supplier, you need to ensure that they completely understand your company’s story and provide you with bulk graphic tees based on your brand's story and colors. Also, they need to be within your budget. Finding a reliable wholesale graphic tee supplier is the foundation step to building a successful graphic t-shirt brand.
An easy way to find a good wholesale graphic t-shirt supplier who would suit your needs is to check the various suppliers of your competitors and big brands. Suppliers who provide bulk graphic tees for big brands would have a good reputation. This makes them more reliable and trustworthy. Partnering with a trusted wholesale graphic t-shirt supplier who provides high-quality trendy graphic tees wholesale will eventually help to enhance the brand value.

Stock your graphic t-shirt

Customers are always more interested in buying from companies that have the items in stock rather than having to wait for a new piece to be delivered at a later date. So always try to keep the graphic tees readily available in your inventory. Choose styles that might interest your target customers and buy quality t-shirts in bulk. Ordering wholesale tees and keeping them in your inventory will give you time to inspect the pieces thoroughly and replace any t-shirt if needed.
Also, make sure to have a variety of sizes of tees within different categories for your customers to choose from. Choose sizes based on your target group and have extra pieces based on the age group that you are targeting. If you are targeting a younger age group, it is advisable to have extra quantities of small and medium sizes.

Have a variety of graphic tees and transfers

People are usually interested in seeing a variety of designs before they make their decision. So always have a variety of graphic tees to offer your customers. If you are planning to sell customized graphic tees by keeping blank tees and graphic transfers in stock, have a variety of tees and graphic transfer designs for your customers to choose and mix from. This will keep your brand interesting. The more options you have in stock, the better it is for your brand. Purchase graphic tees in bulk with different designs. Some wholesale t-shirt makers allow you to choose different quantities of various designs in a single bulk order.

If you are looking for wholesale graphic t-shirts with unique designs, browse through the vast collection of graphic tees and graphic transfers at Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale.

Provide the best quality

With good quality comes a good reputation. Customers don't want to buy a low-quality t-shirt, even if they like the design. Thus, you cannot make any compromises in the quality when selling t-shirts. Especially, when you are planning to sell graphic tees, you need to make sure the quality of the print is good. Buy high-quality t-shirts wholesale with good-quality graphic prints or customize your blank tees with good-quality graphic transfers and provide your customers with the best wholesale graphic tees.
If you wish to build a successful brand, learn more about the different fabric quality and content. Also, gain as much knowledge as possible about the various printing methods.

Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale is a family-owned small business that specializes in graphic tees and graphic transfers. We also have a variety of blank tees to choose from. We provide wholesale tees for different ages and sizes under the categories of adult, youth, etc. Since we make new designs very often, you get to pick from a variety of designs. You can make your collection as interesting as possible.

Buying in bulk is always beneficial as you can save costs and have a readily available inventory for your customers. You can buy a variety of bulk tees from us as per your requirements. We require you to fill out a wholesale application and create your account, using which you can browse through our collection and place your order.

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Benefits of buying bulk t-shirts

Are you an entrepreneur who would like to start a business by reselling t-shirts? If you want to make a profit out of your reselling business, you need to start taking care of your expenses. Most business owners who are into reselling t-shirt business prefer to buy cheap t-shirts wholesale. Purchasing bulk t-shirts can save costs and time.

When you buy a large amount of one kind of t-shirt or buy a graphic t-shirt in bulk, you can get it at a lower price. So technically, you are buying it at a lower price and meeting the demands of your customers by spending less. For a single t-shirt, the profit will seem very minimal. However, as you sell more tees, profits will increase too. As a business owner, you may be wondering if you can actually make your venture profitable by buying wholesale t-shirts. Here are some major benefits of buying bulk tees.

Wholesale tees are cheaper to purchase

The most important reason to buy tees in bulk is cost. As the quantity increases, the cost decreases since most wholesale t-shirt companies offer huge discounts when you buy a large number of t-shirts. It is better to chat with various companies to figure out their minimum order quantity and if you can be flexible with designs and colors. Most wholesale t-shirt stores allow you to pick different designs if you plan to buy wholesale graphic tees and pick various quantities of different colored tees- all under a single wholesale order. Chose the company that will be most cost-efficient for your business. While looking for cheap wholesale t-shirt companies also ensure that they provide the best wholesale t-shirts with the highest quality.
In the reselling business, shipping costs can be a concerning factor every time you order a new set of t-shirts. However, when purchasing t-shirts wholesale, many companies offer free shipping or reduce shipping costs depending on the order quantity. This way you can save the shipping cost with every order, which can be helpful in the long run.

Can be profitable

One of the common worries of every entrepreneur is how to generate huge profits out of their small t-shirt reselling business. For a business to be successful, it needs to be profitable. How to create a high-profit margin? When you buy bulk tees you will be buying them for a discounted or cheaper price. You can resell tees at the original price and earn a good profit from every tee you sell. For festivals, you may want to offer discounts to your customers. During these events, you can buy more tees from companies with further reduced prices and offer discounts to your customers. This way even on special events and festivals where customers are looking for discounts your business will not incur any losses.

Creates a readily available inventory

Customers are more loyal to online companies that provide speedy delivery of their tees and prefer offline stores where they have the t-shirts in stock. Having the required tees in stock can be beneficial. Always try to understand the likes of your target customers and purchase wholesale t-shirts from your supplier to keep them in your inventory. Also, this way you can pre-check and ensure the quality of the tees that you are offering your customers. Speedy delivery of high-quality tees can help you gain more customers and also help you build your business.

Buying bulk t-shirt saves time

Shopping from various stores, online shopping, comparing prices of competitors, etc. can take up a lot of your time. Instead, save time by choosing a good wholesale t-shirt company whose designs and practices you prefer, and order bulk t-shirts from them.

Initially, it may be hard to understand your target customers and buy wholesale t-shirts for resale based on them. You may even make some mistakes in the process. However, as you progress you will start to understand your customers better and stock tees based on their behavior. You can buy plain t-shirts in bulk with interesting washes, etc. of various colors and buy graphic transfers separately in bulk. You can try different transfers on the basic tees that you have purchased and create a unique range of graphic t-shirts for your business.

Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky wholesale is a family-owned small business and we specialize in graphic tees and transfers. Browse through our blanks that come in various colors and washes and our vast selection of transfers on our website.

Points to keep in mind when purchasing wholesale tees

Buying bulk tees can be beneficial and can help you grow your business exponentially. In addition, to ensure success in your business venture, keep the following key points in mind while buying wholesale tees. 

  1. Always ensure that the quality and fit are excellent. No customer is going to buy ill-fitting or low-quality t-shirts.
  2. If you intend to sell graphic t-shirts, be updated regarding the graphics trends and buy graphic tees in bulk accordingly from good wholesale graphic t-shirt companies. Also, ensure that the print quality is good.
  3. Chat with different wholesale t-shirt companies. Know the various options available when choosing from their range of tees for wholesale orders. Also, ensure that your chosen supplier will give you a good discount for your bulk order. This can help you gain a good profit after reselling.
  4. Always have various t-shirt styles in your inventory- different types of neck, sleeves, etc. Have multiple size options too in stock as your customers may prefer different sizes.

Looking to buy wholesale tees for your business? Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky wholesale is the best wholesale designer t-shirts suppliers in Dallas, Texas that offers a wide range of graphic tees, basic tees, and also graphic transfers. We are much more than just a wholesale shirt store. Learn more about us on our website.
To order bulk t-shirts from us, you can fill out a wholesale application and create your account with us. Using this you can browse through our online store and place your wholesale order.

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Things to consider when purchasing wholesale graphic t-shirts

T-shirts are versatile garments and are a must in everybody's wardrobe. You can pair Tees with almost anything to achieve various looks. Graphics can make tees more interesting to the viewer as it talks about the person wearing them. We have been able to express our thoughts, ideas, and style through graphic t-shirts. Through the years, graphic tees have gained huge popularity and are always in demand.

With the right grasp of the current graphic t-shirt trends, you can make a profitable business by buying bulk graphic tees and reselling them. However, before purchasing graphic t-shirts in bulk, first decide upon your target customers- the age group that you are targeting, the demographics, and the characteristics of your target group. When purchasing bulk t-shirts, ensure that you make the decisions based on your target customers. Once you are clear about your target group, here are a few things to keep in mind while purchasing wholesale graphic tees for your reselling business.

Pick the right wholesale graphic t-shirt styles

May it be graphic t-shirts or basic t-shirts, you need to have the right kind of tees. T-shirts come with various neck styles and sleeve lengths. Crew neck and V-neck are some of the common neck styles in t-shirts. As for the sleeve lengths, you can have sleeveless, full sleeves, half sleeves, three-quarter sleeves, etc. Following the latest trends and having good knowledge about your target customers can be beneficial to choose the right styles of t-shirts for your reselling business. Explore your options and have a range of t-shirt styles. When purchasing bulk graphic t-shirts, you can mix neck and sleeve styles and have a variety of t-shirt styles that you would like to offer your customers.

Pick colors and designs according to the trends

If you want to make a profitable business by selling graphic t-shirts, know the current trends. With the amount of information that is available online these days, researching and gaining knowledge about the latest graphic t-shirt trends is not that hard. Various websites are available that can give you a good insight into the color and design trends of the season. When purchasing wholesale graphic t-shirts, try to pick the colors and designs based on your target group and have a good variety in your inventory. After purchasing wholesale t-shirts, you can categorize and sell them based on the colors and also based on the kind of designs.

Choose good quality wholesale graphic t-shirts

If you want to see your graphic t-shirt business grow, you need to provide your customer with high-quality products. The fabric quality needs to be good. Ensure that the stitching is of good quality. All of the seams are finished properly and there are no loose threads. And, we will check the the durability of the fabric  with the supplier. There should be no color bleeding and the fabric should be able to endure multiple washes. A high-quality product will encourage your customers to buy again from you and to also recommend you to their friends and family. So always look for suppliers who provide quality t-shirts in bulk. When purchasing bulk graphic tees, it is advisable to segregate the shirts into lots and inspect the quality of a couple of tees randomly in every lot.

Make sure the fit is good

When buying wholesale tees, you need to be aware of the various fits that are available- fitted t-shirts, regular fit t-shirts, etc. Make sure to have a variety of these based on your target group when purchasing bulk tees. Use a dress form to check the fit of the t-shirt. The fit is crucial as no customer is going to purchase an ill-fitting tee.

Make sure the print quality of your graphic t-shirts

When selling graphic t-shirts, print quality is important. The graphic print needs to be attractive and should be of the best quality. Purchase wholesale graphic tees based on your target customers and their likes. Customers may be interested in knowing what kind of prints you offer- whether it is screen printing or if it is any kind of heat transfer. Explore the various prints that are being done before purchasing graphic tees in bulk.

Are you looking to buy wholesale graphic tees for your reselling business? Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale offers a huge range of graphic t-shirts with a variety of original designs. All graphics are printed onto the t-shirts by ourselves in-house and are of excellent quality. Check out our vast collection of designs on our website!


Purchase all sizes

When purchasing wholesale graphic t-shirts, always have various sizes in stock as different customers would like to purchase different sizes. Based on your target customers, have a ratio in mind when purchasing bulk t-shirts. If you have more customers who would like to purchase M (Medium) and L (Large) sizes, then buy more of those as compared to S (Small) sizes.

Provide various fabric quality 

If you are in the t-shirt business, you need to have technical knowledge about the different fabric content and fabric quality that you will be offering. You can have various fabric contents- such as 100% cotton t-shirts, polyester blends, etc. You can also offer t-shirts with different weights and with different washes. Always try to give your customers numerous options to choose from. Nowadays, people are looking for sustainable textiles. You can offer t-shirts that are sourced from companies that use ethical production practices to target customers who are keen on promoting sustainability. You could look for wholesale graphic tees-selling companies that value and promotes these practices.

Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky wholesale is a family-owned small business. Although we specialize in graphic tees and transfers, we are more than just a wholesale t-shirt store. All wholesale tees offered by us are sourced from brands that use ethical production practices. Learn more about us by visiting our website.

To purchase wholesale graphic t-shirts for your business, you can fill out a wholesale application and easily create an account, after which you can browse our collections and place your order.

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Ways to market blank t-shirts to grow your business

T-shirts have become a favorite garment in our lives. It is comfortable and versatile. You can create different looks with tees and even use them to make a bold fashion statement. Blank tees can be used as a simple outfit or with customization to express your thoughts and opinions.

Nowadays, there are a variety of online and offline t-shirt companies around the world. Graphic tees are very common. Most of these companies have a niche and choose their graphic tees based on their target customers. It can be very hard to grow a t-shirt business by selling only graphic tees based on a small set of target customers. Having blank t-shirts in the inventory and marketing them in different ways can help to grow the business. You can buy various types of blanks from wholesale t-shirt suppliers and use them in interesting ways to make them more appealing to your customers.

Here are some ways you can sell blank tees-

Sell blank t-shirts as is

Basic plain tees, simple tie-dye t-shirts, and t-shirts with various washes are some of the most common clothing that can be found in most of our wardrobes. The easiest way to grow your business is by buying basic wholesale tees- plain or with some interesting washes and selling them as is. Some customers may even like to buy multiple colors of the same t-shirt style if they are satisfied with the quality of the tee. You can even target other buyers who would like to purchase bulk t-shirts from you and customize them with graphics, etc. by themselves.

Add print of your choice

The most beneficial aspect of purchasing blanks for your tee business is that you can add graphics of your choice. Blank tees are blank canvases where you can add the designs of your choice. Companies are usually based on a certain concept and style. Some graphic t-shirt companies even have a unique color palette and their designs are based on their story. If you are into the graphic t-shirt business, try to follow your inspiration and your story. Purchase bulk tees or wholesale blank tees based on your color theory and buy bulk graphic transfers separately to print on the blanks. This way you can have a variety of graphic tees based on your story.

Additionally, it's important to gain as much knowledge as possible when trying to print t-shirts for your business. There are different kinds of printing- screen printing, heat transfer printing, digital printing, sublimation printing, etc. When buying quality t-shirts in bulk for the printing and reselling business, you need to know how the fabric content can affect the print and which fabric should be used for printing.

Customize blank tees based on requirements

Another way to use blank tees is to customize them based on your clients' needs. You can offer them a variety of blank t-shirts which you have purchased in bulk and also offer a variety of graphic designs and transfers. You can custom print the chosen design on the blank tee based on the requirements of your clients. If you are targeting customers who would like to buy wholesale graphic tees from you, they can choose from the various blanks and transfers that are available to them and customize them according to their needs. To customize, a good knowledge of the various printing techniques and the different fabric content required for the printing is necessary.
Some businesses look for blank t-shirts wholesale with minimal custom logos for their businesses. If your company caters to such businesses, you can purchase blank t-shirts wholesale, add the logo as per requirement and make a good profit by selling them.

Can buying blank t-shirts wholesale be beneficial?

Yes! Purchasing blank t-shirts in bulk from a wholesale tees supplier for your t-shirt business is always a better option. Here are a few reasons-

Cost and profit

Buying any product in bulk saves costs because you can buy it at discounted prices. Therefore, even if you sell them at their original prices you will have a good profit margin. Buying wholesale t-shirts for reduced prices is more cost-efficient and it will eventually be more profitable. Especially to resell t-shirts, buying bulk t-shirts can save expenses and earn more profit.

Styles and colors

Purchasing bulk tees, especially blank t-shirts from wholesale tees suppliers will give you more options to choose from. Retail stores usually have limited colors and styles. Their garments will be based on their company's story and concept. However, this is not the case with wholesale t-shirt makers. They will have a wide range of colors and also various styles of blank tees for you to pick from.

Shipping charges for wholesale blank tees

Most wholesale t-shirt makers offer free shipping for bulk t-shirt orders or reduce their shipping charges for wholesale tees. This can save a lot of expenses when purchasing t-shirts for your business.

There are many blank tees available these days. While some independent customers purchase them as a single piece to add to their wardrobe, many stores are looking to purchase quality t-shirts in bulk to reduce their buying expenses and earn more profit.

Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky wholesale is a small family-owned business. We specialize in graphic tees and graphic transfers. We also have a wide range of blank t-shirts with numerous color options from which you can choose. Apart from the solid color tees, we also offer tie-dye shirts in various colors and t-shirts with different washes. We have various styles of blank t-shirts available for wholesale- such as full sleeves, sleeveless, half sleeves, and three-quarter sleeves. We have wholesale blank t-shirts for adults and youth. Browse through our vast selection of blank tees which we source from companies that follow ethical production practices. All our products are 100% cruelty-free.

If you are interested in buying blank tees in bulk and would like to add prints of your choice, Lucky and Blessed Life also offer a wide range of graphic transfers. Check out our large collection of transfers at our website and place your order today!

For purchasing wholesale t-shirts or bulk graphic tees from Lucky and Blessed Life, we request you to fill out a wholesale application to create an account before shopping on our website.



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Advantages of purchasing bulk t-shirts from family-owned small businesses

In recent years, family-owned small bulk t-shirt businesses are gaining more popularity. Local businesses have started to earn more respect. There is an urge within us to build and strengthen our community by supporting these local businesses. People have started encouraging family-owned businesses by purchasing small and large quantities of products from them. Thanks to social media, such businesses are often popping up in our feeds and attracting more customers from all around the world.

Even though many of us have resorted to online shopping these days which gives us the comfort of sitting and shopping at our homes, these family-owned small businesses have fortunately found a way to enter our lives through the internet and social media platforms. Many such family-owned small businesses have been able to attract a new set of customers who appreciate and encourage such businesses and who are looking for a more personal feel to the products they purchase.

In Texas, there are many family-owned wholesale t-shirt businesses. From these companies, retail stores can buy quality t-shirts and also graphic tees in bulk. If you are a t-shirt business owner you may be wondering about the benefits of purchasing bulk tees from such companies. Here are a few advantages of buying bulk t-shirts from family-owned small businesses-

Loyal to their customers

In large t-shirt companies, there are many employees and multiple levels of management. Employees working in such companies tend to feel disconnected from the rest of the company. In the process, customers also tend to lose connectivity with the company. Large companies do not invest much in the interests of their customers. This can make the customers lose their faith in the companies. Whereas, in small family-owned wholesale t-shirt companies, the goal is to ensure that they provide the best for their customers by offering excellent products and services. The employees in small family-owned bulk t-shirt businesses know each other. Most of the owners of such companies know their customers very well as they work directly with them.

Small companies are more invested in their customers and care for their customers better. Both large t-shirt businesses and small family-owned t-shirt companies are fully capable of providing the best wholesale t-shirts at reduced prices. However, the services of small family-owned companies are better as they value their customers. They ensure that each customer gets the best service.

Adds character and feel to your bulk t-shirt collection

Small family-owned t-shirt companies always have an interesting company story that can be inspirational. This can add a personal feel to your collection. When buying wholesale tees from large t-shirt companies, you will lack the back story that is required to make your collection for your t-shirt business unique. When buying from small family-owned wholesale t-shirt companies, you will directly interact with owners. You will be able to understand their business better. You will also have a better back story for the wholesale t-shirts that you buy from them. This will further add character and a personal feel to your collection. This will help your business grow positively.

Trustworthy to their community

Family-owned t-shirt businesses are committed to supporting their local community and they try to give back to their community. Large t-shirt companies may have company mottos and goals. Small family-owned bulk t-shirt companies have mottos, goals, and also a concept or a story. This helps their customers build a sense of attachment to the business. These small wholesale tee family-owned businesses care about their reputation. They would never want their customers to lose their faith or trust in them. Purchasing bulk t-shirts or wholesale graphic tees from trustworthy family-owned small t-shirt companies is more beneficial.

Their bulk tees are unique

Family-owned t-shirt companies ensure that their products stand out from other small t-shirt businesses and large t-shirt companies. They put in more effort to make sure that they provide unique products which will attract their potential customers. Purchasing wholesale graphic t-shirts from such businesses can be highly beneficial as these companies ensure that all their designs are extremely unique and different from their competitors. You can be assured that you are getting a unique product for a reduced price when buying bulk graphic tees from these family-owned small t-shirt companies

Are you looking to buy unique graphic t-shirts in bulk? At Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale, we specialize in wholesale graphic tees. We create all our graphic designs and apply them to t-shirts by ourselves in-house. We create new designs often and work very hard to give you a huge variety of unique designs for you to buy. Check out our graphic tee collection on our website.

Support entrepreneurs and grow economy

Without customers, a business cannot be successful. Only with the encouragement and support of customers, a small family-owned wholesale t-shirt business can be successful. Such companies are started by talented entrepreneurs who have the vision to promote their craft and their community. These entrepreneurs can become successful with the right support and appreciation. The best way to support these small wholesale t-shirt businesses that are family-owned is by putting our trust in them and buying bulk tees from them.

More committed to their business

As already mentioned, family-owned small wholesale t-shirt companies value their reputation and the owners work very hard to ensure that their business is successful. They invest more time and effort into running their business. Therefore, you can be assured that they provide the best wholesale t-shirts and their bulk graphic tees are made with high-quality print.

These days with online and offline shopping, you may have endless options from where you can buy wholesale tees for your t-shirt business. However, buying from family-owned small wholesale t-shirt businesses will ensure that your product is of the best quality and has a back story. You can also be assured that your t-shirt collection will stand out from your competitors. The shopping experience with a small family-owned t-shirt business will always be more personal and positive.

At Lucky and Blessed Life/ Lucky Wholesale you can find graphic tees, blank t-shirts, and graphic transfers. For purchasing wholesale tees from us you can fill out a wholesale application to create an account, browse through our collections and place your order.


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